Friday, March 6, 2015

Eve of the Apple Watch Announcement

Ok, so I feel like a total hypocrite - after the last post, when I was going all gaga about how I'd look at the "other side of tech" instead of what's shown to me...

I saw this while walking back from work. It's the setup for the "Spring Forward" event at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center, where Apple is expected to finally announce the availability of Apple Watch. Now, I've never owned an iPhone, and I have next to no intention of buying one now, but there's something about these events that Apple just does better than anyone else. They just revel in all the media attention.

A couple more shots...

A person grabbing a big roll of something - a long poster, perhaps? Heck, who cares.

The "annex" where an additional showcase for the Watch is allegedly taking place. There were so many random security personnel walking around the YB Gardens, I got super self-conscious even taking these photos. 

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